Mental stimulation can begin at any time, and the younger you are, the better it is. When youngsters are in playschool and nursery, they learn to read and write. At that time they do this with the help of their parents who recite the alphabets out to them and ask them to repeat after them. This is often done through a sing-song method which again helps the children to retain the alphabets better. A similar way is used to help them in learning numbers. The matching of pictures to words is another way that parents can use to help children learn in their younger years. Reading is also done by reading aloud methods. Parents read stories out to the children and children learn how to connect words and learn a language.

They can further help their children to build their memory by making them learn the words of objects through pointing at them (e.g. a tree, a flower) and then making them repeat the name of the object several times. There are some learning programs on television which if watched under the guidance of a parent can aid the child in memorizing better. Lyrics and tunes which are heard daily but which also incorporate useful information assist in making the child remember things which would be otherwise difficult to learn. These methods not only help their children learn better, but also help in increasing the bonding and the interactivity between the parent and the child.

As the children grow older, they are usually left alone to cope with their studies.  However, with the increase in the syllabus as they grow older, they often struggle in their attempts to try and retain the information for their examinations.

Parents can help their children in learning and remembering by using some simple tools. One of the popular methods is to ask your child to say everything out loud. As your child will repeat what he/she is trying to learn and say it out loud, he/she will find that the information is retained easier and faster.

Again, your child can read the information out to you and then you can ask questions relating to the topic. This will help him in retaining pertinent information faster since it gets embedded in his memory through this method.

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