Memory power can be boosted by doing some simple exercises and making them a part of your regular schedule. If your everyday activities are geared towards improving your powers of retention, then you will notice that you are becoming more aware and that you remember things and situations and facts with greater ease than before. What may have taken you a lot of effort to remember earlier will take less time and effort, after you make these exercises a part of life. There are many indoor and outdoor sports that one can do to and activities that one can indulge in to help boost your memory power and increase your attention span. What you must do of course is not spend too much time in watching T.V. since this enable you to become nothing more than a couch potato since it does not ask for any interaction on your part. Remember that any exercise that you do to improve your mental power entails a high degree of participation from you.

  •  How long you can hold your attention:

Counting trees:  One child found out how difficult it is to focus on something that is not very interesting. He took a 10 kilometer journey to school and this usually took 45minutes to 1 hour. He used to count the trees on one side of road as entertainment. It was very difficult for him to hold his attention on the trees for around the one hour that he took travelling to school. His friends also counted the trees along with him and it had become like a game, when they compared notes and found that each one had counted a different number of trees. The goal became to get an accurate number of trees (or a count which matched) and so they did this exercise pretty often. Though they lost interest in this soon enough, they changed it to counting the number of trucks, and then buses and cars etc.

You can do this the next time you are out by trying to count the number of trucks, buses, cars, bullock carts etc. on your way. This is because this method is a big aid in increasing concentration.

The Memory King Official Website

Guinness world record holder Krishan Chahal is a world-renowned memory expert. Hailed as ‘’Memory King’’ he is two times world and two times national record holder for memory. His feats are acknowledged by Guinness Book of World Records, Limca Book of Records, Record Holders Republic.


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