Many people skip having a breakfast early in the morning. This may be because they are in a rush to catch the school bus or make it in time for office or because they believe it’s a smart way to diet and lose weight. Whatever the motivation or the reason, it is very harmful to skip breakfast. People who do this have poor memory and their performance levels at school or the workplace suffer.

The reason why you must have a good breakfast is that your body has been in a state of fasting during the night. It has not received any nutrients while you have been sleeping. Just like any other machine, your body needs to be recharged in the morning in order to function properly. This recharging can happen only if you provide it with the required fuel, which is the food you eat.

Therefore it is important that you begin the day with a good and nutritious breakfast. You can have a banana and milk, or a crunchy toast with an egg, or orange juice and pancakes. You need not have oily potato parathas, but you can have steamed idlis. You can have sprouted pulses. You don’t have to have a greasy and heavy breakfast which will make you lethargic and slow. Also avoid very sweet or sugary foods that will make your energy levels plummet later on in the day. Have a breakfast that makes you feel like a top performer.

After having a good breakfast to start the day, you can have a light lunch so that you do not feel heavy and sleepy. Energy levels are known to dip in the afternoon, so a few hours after lunch, have an apple or some other fruit to keep you going. A protein milk shake is also a good idea to have, or any other snack that picks you up at this time of the day.

Eat Frequent and Smaller Meals

During the day, there may be a set number of calories that you eat so that you maintain your health and your weight and also work at optimal performance level. However, instead of consuming these calories in the form of three big meals in the day, it is advised that you have the same number of calories broken up into five or six meals. This helps you to have a constant and steady supply of blood sugar and so you can perform your best mentally throughout the day.

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