Studies have shown that the chewing of gum helps in the improvement of short and long term memory. It is not the sugar in the gum that helps this, for you can chew sugarless gum and get the same positive results. The reason for this is that the chewing motion of your jaw increases the supply of blood to your head and brain. The brain obviously works better with the increased supply of blood and hence oxygen that it receives in this way.
Going by this, it may be a good idea for you to chew gum when you are studying for or taking an exam, a time when you would need your mental faculties to be in top form. Of course, it would not be possible for you to chew gum while debating or standing in an auditorium giving a speech, but you could do it just before you get on to the stage. It is advisable that you chew sugar free gum because it would not spoil your teeth.

The Memory King Official Website

Guinness world record holder Krishan Chahal is a world-renowned memory expert. Hailed as ‘’Memory King’’ he is two times world and two times national record holder for memory. His feats are acknowledged by Guinness Book of World Records, Limca Book of Records, Record Holders Republic.


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