Take one multivitamin a day with food. This acts as protection against any vitamin deficiencies you may develop if you do not have the right food. Vitamins, as stated earlier, contain antioxidants, and hence are an essential part of the diet, especially for memory boosting. Apart from a multivitamin, a B complex vitamin should be taken, since the brain requires B vitamins. Vitamin C should also be taken because it helps build immunity. Vitamin E helps in reducing old-age memory deficiencies.
Some people recommend supplements like Ginko Biloba. It is supposed to increase the oxygen flow in your brain. You can also take omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are essential fatty acids needed by your brain to work well.
Some people prefer to take fish oil capsules as a supplement. This also suffices, though it is a more expensive proposition

The Memory King Official Website

Guinness world record holder Krishan Chahal is a world-renowned memory expert. Hailed as ‘’Memory King’’ he is two times world and two times national record holder for memory. His feats are acknowledged by Guinness Book of World Records, Limca Book of Records, Record Holders Republic.


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