We offer this programme to Universities and educational institutes. It includes the basic memory improvement techniques and mental exercises coupled with several innovative study tips. This program has helped students studying in schools, colleges and institutes across the country. During workshops, the mode of communication will be bilingual i,e, Hindi and English

According to a survey, everyone wastes around 30 minutes a day in searching the things they usually forget while performing their tasks. It means an organization wastes its around 1/16th portion of the precious time of the total working hours. And this loss can be reduced dramatically by using our memory enhancement techniques meant specifically for organizations.

We offer 12 hours programme, which can be split over two or three days. We organize open seminars in all the major cities of India. It is a type of a full-fledged programme in itself, which is useful for students, professionals and executives. Students of the 3rd standard and above can join the workshop.