Shreya Chauhan (Graduate)
Awesome workshop with lots of memory sharping programs and activities. It was a nice experience to be a part of this workshop. From now studies and other day to day work will be more interesting and easy.

Lewaman G Partap (10th)
I have really benefited from this workshop.I really feel confident and self reliant. i feel that i can overcome any obstacle in my path to success.

Anderson D Lyngdoh  (12th)
The three days workshop has been a wonderful experience. The programme has been really helpful for me as my memory is increasing day by day.

Bhaskar Jyoti Saikta  (Graduate)
As a engineering student, I want to say that this workshop taught me how to use your mind in proper way so that we are succeed in  future. As I am planning to prepare for CAT, I think this will help a lot in my future.

Swekha Sen  (8th)
From this workshop I could improve my concentration level and now I have learned the ways to memorise things. I am sure that now I will be more smarter and will memorise things faster. Thanks for conducting this workshop, through this workshop we got to learn a lot.

Ataryee Shome  (6th)
It was a great time in the workshop and it was a very nice time to be with our sir; Krishan Chahal. Nowdays, I like to remember the toughest of the toughest & answer them. I had a nice time in the workshop with our Sir. Thankyou, Sir and I really appreciate your explanation.

Anulakshmi  (10th)
This workshop is really useful for each and everyone. It’s really a great work done by Mr. Chahal. We all are really thankful to him. Like this may you go every part of the world and teach all of the people.

Anamika Prasad  (12th)
Workshop stands upon its name (Add Spice to your memory) & it add excitement, knowledge, & application of mind to a great exlent by Mr. Krishan Chahal may surely helps all of us to achieve our aim.

Suvit Kumar  (12th)
Good for competitive exams like IAS and IPS.Thanks a lot for conducting the workshop.

Latha Luxmi  (12th)
It was really marvelous and eye-sparking. Mr. Chahal Sir, is really an extraordinary man. His all the teachings were informative and beneficial. Now, I am going to see the changes taking place in my daily life.

Sultana Mukherjee  (8th)
It is the best workshop of any organisation I had ever attended. Our sir Mr. Karishan has the best method to make us learn somethings as the most difficult for me were the History dates and years. Another thing is to get the books and CDs which would help me to continue my revision anytime.

Abhishek Panja  (12th)
This workshop was an amazing experience for me. I really loved this workshop. Chahal Sir you are doing an excellent job. The best part for me was the session on mind and its mechanism. The always wanted to know about it and at last a Big Thanks to Krishan Chahal “The Memory King”.

Arpan Mahanty  (6th)
I feel very very nice in the memory king workshop. I like Krishan Sir very much. I think my best teacher was Krishan Sir. I enjoyed the memory king workshop very much.

Priyadarshini Kannan  (10th)
It was an eye opening and informative workshop. Memory mirchi books give self confidence and self belief. Excellent  communication skill towards the audience by  Mr. Krishan Chahal.

Kislay Raj  (8th)
This workshop helped me a lot. The methods and techniques told by Mr. Krishan Chahal are very helpful to me. The way he explained the topic of memorising was outstanding. He made us taught with his small jokes and all. I want to give Mr. Krishan Chahal the best wishes and hope that his record of memorising pi upto 43000 digits will never break.

Shanky Bhardwaj  (6th)
It is a very good workshop. I liked it very much. Sir Krishan Chahal explained us many methods to memorise different things and work.

Manisha  (11th)
I think this is the best way to get success in life. Now I guarantee myself that I can remember more and more than before only because of Mr. Krishan Chahal “The Memory King” and his memorising methods. Thanks a lot.

Saurabh  (8th)
The methods explained by Sir Krishan Chahal are helping me lot in memorising many things. Now I am able to control an my mind. Thank you sir.

Pooja Singh  (11th)
I like the methods teached by Mr. Krishan Chahal. By this method we can achieve best of our choice.

Akhil Kumar  (7th)
Today, I can memorise numbers, theories, maps, formulas etc fastly and by good accuracy. This is all because of Krishan sir I specially thanks to sir and all his team for giving us this opportunity.

Ajay Gupta  (10th)
Workshop is very useful for everyone. There is no age factor. Everyone can take the benefit of workshop.It is really helpful for students also. I am so delightful as I take part in this event. Thank you sir Mr.Krishan Chahal.

Aakash Malik  (10th)
It was a great experience. I would like to attend the memory mirchi workshop again. I have learned a lot from this workshop.

Shamristha Bhardwaj  (10th)
Now I can recall like the  genius, Mr. Krishan Chahal. I would like to deliver my  tanks to Mr. Krishan Chahal  to help me like this.

Sumit Chaudhary  (9th)
It is very interesting workshop in which we know how to solve problems in a single minute and how to learn fast. Thank you sir.

Ritika Rana  (12th)
This workshop is really very beneficial for us. This workshop will definitely help us to pay maximum attention & pay more concentration towards our studies and because of this workshop, we will able to give better result to our parents & to ourself.

Rashmi Chaudhary  (11th)
I am a student of xi class. So from this workshop I think that it will be a easy task for me to memorise my Physics, Chemistry and Maths formulas. Thank you sir. You are the real memory king.

Adarsh Kumar  (7th)
I am  very thankful to the memory mirchi for benifiting me so much that I can now memorise anything, Thank you sir.

Divyansh Kumar  (6th)
By this workshop, I am very happy. Because of these methods now I can remember long theory easily and I can also learn the road maps of any place. Thank you sir for this workshop.

Shivangi Singh  (8th)
By this workshop, I am very happy because of these methods now I can remember long theory easily and I can also learn the road maps of any place. Thank you sir for this workshop.

Debankan Das  (8th)
I have learnt many methods to learn things. Thanks for the nice workshop.

Shikhar Rathi  (6th)
There are many benefits from the workshop. I can learn the subjects in a limited time. I can have best grades in the future. Thanks for the workshop.

Faisal Ahmed (8th)
It is really interesting workshop. After attending this class I really feel good and special when I am studying methods of learning .Now I can learn my lesson,s fasters and easily.

Ashutosh Ranjan  (7th)
I have learn how to memorise things fast & our teacher Mr. Krishan Chahal he is a wonder man. I have come to know how to control mind. Now from today I will study well & with concentration.Thanks a lot for conducting workshop.

Sanjana Khot  (11th)
This workshop was been very beneficial for students. It has been a great help in terms of improved efficiency, and has even made boring & abstract stuff fun.

Manju Sharma  (10th)
I like this workshop very much because this workshop give us knowledge.

Simran  (7th)
Its very useful for students like me and all others. Revising, etc. is taught here in a really funny way. There are so much benefits of this workshop. I hope all the children get this workshop and India will be the best country.

Vineet Singh  (10th)
I like this workshop very much. This is best experience of my life. Thanks a lot Sir.

Harendra Singh Yadav  (10th)
Memory king workshop is too good and it is an advantage to all the who joined it. It creates platform to stable memory. It is really benifited to all people for enhancing memory and to achieve goal. Memory is base of life and it gives direction to life.

Shivam Tiwari  (8th)
It is a great benefit for me from this workshop that I have improved my vocabulory and memory also. It is a thing to improve the people memory, thinking and most important thing that is concentration.

Neha Tiwari  (11th)
Memory mirchi workshop helps me to focus in my studies and increase the level of concentration. By attending this workshop now I know my goal & also I know how to strike it.

Mohhamed Sahil  (10th)
It was is great experience. I could now memorise many definations & theories. Subjects in which i weak are now fun for me. Thanks for this wonderful workshop.

Avinash   (10th)
Workshop is very much motivating in life. By attending workshop we can improve our memory.

Nisha Kumari   (6th)
I enjoyed the workshop a lot and learn many things from this. This workshop become an experience to how we can study properly and make my dream true and proud my parents & country. I am very thankful to memory Mirchi. It gives me a lot to learn in.

Akanksha Kumari   (9th)
From this workshop I got so much ideas to learn thing. My biggest problem is that I forget the thing. But no I am thinking that I can do this and achieve good marks in exam. Now I can remember  my phone no by the ideas of given by K.C. Sir. From this workshop I can work get a positive engry to do some.

Khalida Nilofar  (10th)
This workshop is very interesting and  informative. We have learnt really new methods of learning. It opens a very wide & huge sky for us to achieve our goals.

Poshika   (9th)
There is a lot of benefit for me after joining this workshop. I have really enjoyed coming to this workshop and I am going to use those  method in my studies.Thanks a lot to the memory king Krishan Chahal.

Akshay Kumar Jha  (9th)
I think from this workshop my confidence have been boosted very much. Now I will be the best stage performer because by this workshop I have overcame my stage fear. I now, belive that I will achive my goal with best marks.

Himani Singh  (8th)
From the workshop, I really have benefited a lot. The methods which are taught to remember different types of theories, tables makes many more things are really great. After attending this class, my memory is really improved.

Ritu Tiwari  (10th)
I think this type of workshop can improve student’s stuides. I am very sure that I can take interest in my studies and concentrate on my studies and do well. This’ll help me in memorising my subjects very easily.

Suraj Kumar  (11th)
It helps in improving concentration.Thanks a lot to memory mirchi and krishan chahal.

Kavita Saxena  (11th)
It’s a very nice workshop, especially for students. Increasing memory now seems to be easy with the tactics introduced to us in the class. Its now an enjoyment to remember things, and that  without pressure on self or brain. Its is different science alltogether.

Jony Bhardwaj  (9th)
It is a very good workshop. I liked it very much. Mr. Krishan Chahal explained us many methods to memorise different things and work. I am very happy because now I can memorise long questions and theories easily. Thanks for the workshop.

Saurabh  (8th)
The methods explained by Sir Krishan Chahal are helping me lot in memorising many things. Now I am able to control my mind.

Manisha  (11th)
I think this is the best way to get success in life. Actually, I too was a patient of forgetting the theory, formulas, G.K. etc. But now I am sure myself that I can remember more and more than before only because of Mr. Krishan Chahal memory memorising methods. Thanks a lot.

Kanchan Sharma  (12th)
I feel very confident & after attending the workshop. The techniques told by Krishan Chahal sir are very good, easy and I think that I can also concentrate better on my study.

Anjali Ahlawat  (10th)
It provides the perfect management and techniques to study well and especially to memorise them. It’s an interesting and beneficial seminar. I loved it .

Srishti Parsad  (11th)
After been a part of workshop I am very happy because now I can learn many things. I like the shortcut which was given to form many things. Before using this class I can’t learn long theory but after the classes I can learn easily so thanks to you.

Parul  (11th)
I have improved my memory skills in just 3 days workshop and it is samehow unbelievable for me. I have learnt many  powerful things from thisworkshop and only I can do this. I have enjoyed the classes .Thanks to Krishan Chahal for conducting the workshop.

Shruti  (12th)
Through this workshop I was able to know the in noticed potentials of mind. Now I belive I can achieve very thing I wish to.

Pooja  (12th)
From this workshop I came to know how to cope from exam fear. I am able to to study with greater concentration and attention now. I have benefited a lot from this workshop. I am able to learn & remember formula for my competitive exam. Thanking you for your motivation to us.

Trishna   (12th)
Get to know how to concentrate on your studies more and more. Get to know to memorize even the toughest things with so much of ease and using these tehniques can improve your future. Awesome workshop with great memory skills.

Nilisha Arora  (7th)
It was a great experience to be here. The workshop is great for students like us Thanks for your workshop/devotion for us.

Shubham Kumar  (11th)
This workshop makes learning fun & enjoyable, saves time. Learning becomes easier. Prepares us for competitive exams. Boosts our confidence and acts like a boon for students. Provides a new way of experiencing the world.

Mithu Mazumdar  (9th)
I think it is very good for me and my family, I want to say that if anyone week in study or in anything then you came here. After that u know what is this. I love it, enjoy it. Lastly I thanks to Krishan Chahal The Memory King.

Sagar Malik  (7th)
It is very good for students. It is good to memorise any thing & to remove the fear of the student like stage fear & exam fear etc. It is very helpful workshop for students.

Alka Kumari   (10th)
It is very useful for the children which are weak in study. It is very interesting workshop from which we learn many things to memorise. It can help in our exam & improve our grades & make our future.

Suvit Kumar  (12th)
Good for competition exams like IAS and IPS. The workshop was really good .

Sakshi Rai  (6th)
This workshop was very good. I feel confidence that I can have a sharp memory.

Latha Laxmi  (12th)
It was really marvellous and eye-sparking. Aspected Mr. Chahal Sir, is really an extraordinary man. His teaching was really beneficial for me. Now, I am gonna see the changes taking place in my daily life.

Arjun Nair  (9th)
The workshop is awesome. I haven’t gone to any workshop which is so interesting. I had a lot to learn and I thanks to Mr. Chahal to be with us to help us in all ways so that our memory can be like him. Thanks to this workshop.

Sarjita Pal  (6th)
This is the best workshop in my life. I am proud to be a part of this workshop. This workshop will help me in my whole life.

Swastik Bhattacharya  (9th)
It was a nice experince. This workshop will make bad children good and good children excellent. This three days knowledge will prove to be helpful in our future life.

Amar Prakash  (10th)
Workshop is very good and useful. People can utilise the concept of workshop in various field of study and things to memorise. Specially students in higher standards (7th and above) utilise it in best way.

Shaurya Singh  (9th)
This workshop is very good. It is very beneficial for almost all the people.Thanks a lot to the Krishan Chahal.

Snehlata Chaubey  (9th)
It was amazing and awesome. It helped us to learn many things, Now I can learn anything easily. I loved this workshop very much .

A J Vasan  (10th)
It is very useful and informative and interesting workshop and the techniques has convert studies to a interesting experience. Thanks a lot for conducting workshop.

Megham  (8th)
It is very interesting workshop. We can now use the methods of memorising in our exams. It is very useful specially in competitive exams.

Mayank Gupta   (9th)
It is the opinion of IX class student that if I could get it in 5th 6th class then may be my grades will be around 98% or 99% except of 95%. Your workshop is just awesome and very helpful. Technique are good .

Gopika   (9th)
Workshop is very nice. It is very beneficial workshop that has given us better methods to memorise things. Time management has been explained very well. Workshop methods will surely help us to crack competitive exams.

Shelly Singh   (8th)
I am very happy about the workshop. I feel very lucky that I am came to the workshop. Now I can learn everything I want to learn. I was preparing for NTSE exam now I feel I can be selected in NTSE exam.

Shidin Komar  (9th)
My opinion about the workshop is that it helped me to memorise many difficult things. It was a worthful experience with Mr. Krishan Chahal. We would never forget this wonderful workshop.

Spriha Srivastava  (8th)
The workshop is very good experience for the one who want to be a memory king. I felt really very nice to attend it. Actually the correct opinion is that it’s really difficult to memorise the day natures as we follow these types of memorising may help me. These 3 days were amazing, full of memory and learning. Kindly thanks to sir Krishan Chahal fom these oppurtunity.

Ankita Tripathi  (10th)
I really had a nice experience in this workshop as it was interesting and it was something new to know. The methods of memorising are very easy and even  youth can also learn these methods and apply them all in day to day applications.

Sanjeev Kumar Singh  (8th)
Workshop is very good. Thanks to Mr. Krishan Chahal.

Purohith  (8th)
I got so much motivation through this workshop, thanks you for this opportunity. I will not forgot this work shop. I like this workshop because there are many methods of teachings. I had a lot of fun in this workshop .

Naveen Sikarwar  (12th)
It is really an effective and motivational workshop for all the people of all the age groups. I really enjoyed these 3 days & learn a lot. I can confidently say that  following his words and working on his principals, I can achieve success in my life.

Nikhil Singh  (10th)
Workshop is very nice. It changed my mind and it is helpful to reduce the time to memorize any answer, formulas, Atomic numbers etc and it is useful for me for my future also.

Karren Immanuel  (12th)
The workshop produced me some easy different and strikingly new memory methods. It also taught me the importance of concentration, memory and brain. Can’t wait to apply the methods and tell the results.

Azniv Godiyal   (10th)
The workshop is excellent. It has been a rich learning experience, full of fun and valuable information. Thankyou.

Sneha Kumari  (10th)
One of the most amazing and informative class that I have attended. Sir thanks a lot. This is surely going to help me a lot .

Atul Bejoy  (7th)
A very good workshop. It was interesting time. It will be useful in the future too. It will help in sums to make it easy. Thank you for giving such good time to us. Krishan Sir explain us very friendly and understandingly.

Suprana Sarkar  (Graduate)
Learnt some new things, new methods, techniques. Try to apply your methods in daily life and to teach my children.Thanks for the workshop.

Tanya Sarkar   (8th)
It was a great experience to understand my memory, its power and capacity. It taught me how to use it. Properly this gathering makes 100% concentration at a point.

B Gomathy  (10th)
Really nice workshop and for giving awareness about our own memory and teaching us to learn everything by means of fun. Thankyou Krishan Chahal .

Mahima Sinha  (6th)
I feel very interesting as sir was very cheerful. Now I can memorise anything within 5 mintues. I feel very wonderful. I thank sir Krishan Chahal for being with us and teaching us. Thank You.

Harendra Singh  (10th)
Very much beneficial for people of all age groups. I personally feel by using the methods memory could be developed 10 times.

Felereen Adorisa  (6th)
This workshop is helping me a lot and improve my memory and I think that all the prople, students and every one who came here will improve a lot in every thing including exercise, memorising and wish the very best of luck for this workshop .

Natisa Tariang  (11th)
I have learnt a lot of easy methods and shortcuts and unique ways of memorising things especially configuring on complicated subjects or chapters included in the school curriculum syllabus.

Tanya   (12th)
The workshop was very productive. It has enhanced, celebrated my/our thinking power. It also widened my may of thinking/thinking capacity. Utilization of these techniques will definitely ensure success. I hope there will be many more programs/workshop in the future.

Bryan D  (6th)
The workshop helps me to improve my memory and education these study techniques will ensure absolute success in my exams.

Bellinda  (10th)
By attending this workshop, we have experienced  new skills, new ideas, new methods, learn the new way method and make Tac-Tics to use the numbers, words, scientist, differnces pictures places relation with numbers, so many things.

Tushar Kanhe  (11th)
It is very good workshop. This workshop motivate me very well. It increase my confidence about IIT-JEE. It will help in my life forever.

Uday Bhaumik  (10th)
Excellent workshop. It essentially incorporates all aspects of memorising short term long term memory.

Ajay Kumar Dubey  (10th)
It’s really helpful for students, specially those are preparing for nay competitive exams.

Raghav Bhatia  (10th)
Workshop was so good. I really hope that Krishan Chahal Sir is a memory king and they continue this job and make more and more genius.

Saurabh Singh  (12th)
Really wonderful workshop and get many new methods to learn such as concentration method was really great, I am sure that it will boost  my confidence.

Kalpana Sharma  (Graduate)
It was wonderful and eye opening workshop and I hope it will be a boon for my children.

Shailesh Dhanawat  (12th)
I think one of the best workshop attended by me. It was an awesome experience. I would like to thank sir for all these. Thankyou sir.

Bishal Khetawat   (12th)
After joining the workshop I have learned various things such as how to learn in an easy and fast way. I would like to thank Mr. Krishan for teaching us in a wonderful way.

Sabhayata Shukla  (11th)
An absolute awareness about mind power and got powerful techniques to memorise. A lifetime experience after attending this workshop.

Anil Yadav  (12th)
It is the best way to promote yourself in life by mentally. It is quite interesting and useful in studies as well as in life. Thank You Sir for conducting the workshop.

Vidhi Talera  (12th)
It built up my confidence. There is a change in attitude, lots of motivation is provided. I learnt a lot from this workshop.

Naman Khetan  (8th)
This workshop is outstanding, fantastic etc.no words to explain this. I think methods which are told in workshop are excellent. This help me to score high marks in school. I like it very much and will join it again in future.

Artvav Singh  (12th)
Workshop was a great experience. The tips & tricks, techniques have helped to increase my memory power.

Avijit Singh Sardya  (9th)
The workshop was an awesome experience. The wellness by the teacher was interesting and motivational. The memory techniques will now be remembered like the first time taste of Mirchi. Thank you for improving our techniques.

Vaiez Iqbal  (9th)
It is a useful workshop and I think every student should take part in this activity. It is good for all students and I liked it.

Raunaq Singh  (8th)
It was fantastic workshop. It helps the students to improve his/her grades. It also helps how to learn the lesson and how to maintain it for life.

Rahul Ranjan  (12th)
Workshop is very useful for people, students or children. I really enjoyed workshop very much. I learned the correct way and shortest way to learn or read anything quickly. Workshop provided more useful tricks.

Rohit Ranjan  (12th)
In my opinion I feel very well when joined this workshop. I am preparing for IIT JEE. I take many tips and tricks to control our brain from chahal’s sir. Now I can study physics, chemistry very easily. Workshop helps me too much. I feel very well. Thanks you.

Saurabh Kumar  (12th)
From my opinion it is outstanding workshop & it helps people to manage time & improve his/her memory power. It also help us to achieve our target.

Kartik Bhojak  (11th)
The workshop has increased my confidence level. I liked it very much. Everyone should come to workshop. It is very beneficial.

Abhishek Gaurav  (12th)
That is my best opinion about this teacher. Very few teachers in world who teach Mind Mechanism. Very few ideas developed in my mind about remembering any things. I am very happy to attend this workshop.

Damiya Kant Verma  (6th)
Very nice workshop for learning fast and with interest etc.

Kishore Kumar  (12th)
A very good workshop on memorising. By practice we can get very good results, motivation level will increased.

Karan Aswal  (10th)
A good workshop. Nice explanation of all the topics. Most of the topics reserved in the seminar will be useful in life.

Shruti Aswal  (8th)
It is good workshop and also helpful. It will be very  useful for memorizing theories and makes study a lot easier.

Amit Kumar  (Graduate)
I am feeling wonderful after the workshop. Now I can understand & memorise things frequently & retain them memorised for a long time.

Sumit Kumar  (12th)
Amazing workshop. I was very confused that how to study in different ways. Now there is not a single question in my mind regarding this.

Anjali Vinayak  (10th)
It was good workshop and helpful to improve my memory. This will help me in my studies & extra activities.

Pankaj Singh  (6th)
Workshop is too good to memorise things.

Mansi Uniyal  (11th)
It’s a very interesting workshop. I am sure it is going to help me improve my memory.It was a great experience in this workshop.

Moksh Rohilla  (8th)
This workshop was a very good workshop I ever had in my life. I would like to see some more workshop of memory  again.

Sejal   (6th)
This workshop will surely help me in future. Thanks to Krishan Sir for helping so much. This workshop is like starting a new life with different style method. It will sharp my memory.

Sudesh  (10th)
It was very interesting workshop . I learnt more methods to learn every subject. I think it will help me in competition test. I learnt about concentration. Thank You. Mr. Krishan Chahal for awesome workshop.

Akanksha Kumari  (10th)
I like this workshop  and it is wonderful workshop. I study lot of things from workshop & it is also useful in my life. Thank you Sir Krishan Chahal for coming to Kochi, come once again at last thank you once again.

Muskan Khan  (7th)
My opinion about the workshop is that it is good to know about these methods and it is easy to remember the things while using these methods.

Rishikesh D  (11th)
It is a very good workshop which helps us in increasing our memory powers. The methods taught are very effective and easy. Thank you. This was nice experience for me.

Ankita Goswami  (10th)
It is very helpful workshop and helped me to understand the difference between brain and mind.

Prashant Singh  (9th)
It was really very nice workshop. We have really learnt lot from this workshop by Memory King. It was a very lively experience.

Swapnil Kumar  (9th)
It was a wonderful experience and will definitely change the way to prepare myself for exams. It is a completely new approach to memorise & improve memory.

Anu Saini   (Graduate)
I like the workshop very much and I improve my knowledge through this. This is good for students. Thank you sir .

Anup Kumar  (12th)
It is very nice workshop & it is helping us a lot to improve our memory skills.

Kushal Pal Singh Chahar  (12th)
I think it’s the best event on how to improve memory skills. It’s very  useful for the students who are preparing for competitive exams.

Abhishek Sharma  (12th)
My opinion about the workshop is that it is very good and all the methods are very easy and easy to learn. Sir is very nice also. I want to attend the workshop in future also.

Vishal  (10th)
It was really great to interact with a person who is really a memory king and Guinness world  recorded holder. It is going to help me in my future .

Suraj Patil  (Graduate)
Good and nice workshop. Helpful for young students.

Dipin Kumar Dahiya  (9th)
I personally feel that this workshop was a great and a nice experience of learning which can be used for the entire life and can be a great mode of help in our upcoming future also. It was a very nice experience to meet and learn from the memory king Krishan chahal .

Kiran Debanth  (9th)
It was a great experience to join the workshop and I feel it would help me ahead. It was really interesting.

Aditya Singh  (9th)
It was really nice, we have really enjoyed and learned many things from the workshop by memory king Krishan Chahal .

Saniya Shaikh  (7th)
The workshop was extremely  informative and helpful . The methods are easy to follow. This workshop has helped me change my method of studying.

Nagalaxmi  (10th)
In my opinion your workshop is very good and interesting . It really helps us in memorising and it improves our concentration level.

Javed Ahmed Dar  (12th)
I think it is the most informative workshop I have ever attended . It is very much useful for learning stage of children in tender age. It will help them to cope up with their problems in simplified manner. It is user friendly and boost your confidence.

Firoz Ahmed Bhatt  (12th)
This is one of the best workshop that I have undergone throughout my life. This is very useful for every person specially the students those who want to qualify for higher competitive examinations . This workshop also improves confidence.

Athira R  (10th)
It is very effective in improving memory. It gives me many  information i.e really applicable in our life. Give idea that how to prepare for exams and how to score marks and how to concentrate.

Niranjan Kalita  (6th)
Very good we learn many memorising theories from this workshop.

Aquib Hussain  (10th)
It is fantastic workshop. Earlier I thought I couldn’t become a doctor because of short term memory. Now I can retain any knowledge for lifetime and may be I can become a doctor. Thanks to memory king Krishan Chahal.

Krishna Das  (Graduate)
The workshop is so nice. I am thankful that I attend this workshop and I am hopeful that in coming days it will give me so much help.

Nikita Das  (6th)
The workshop is so nice. I am sure that it will be very helpful in my future life.

Nitesh  (8th)
The workshop is very interesting and mind boosting. This workshop is so effective that it would be very useful for me through out the life.

Virender Rathore  (5th)
I am very happy with this workshop. I learn so many things such as how to memorise the things related with study. I feel very good  after attending the workshop and I am very satisfy with your workshop.

Peenaz Hussain  (6th)
I thought that the workshop will help me in memorizing the answers related to my subjects. This workshop also offers many things. It is a very good workshop, and I will get a lot of knowledge from it.

Sourish Sarkar  (6th)
I am very happy to join the workshop because it will help me in present and in future life .

Subha Sri  (10th)
Workshop is really very useful mostly for the students who were in class 9th, 10th, & 12th. It really improve our memory and also the most important it helps in study planning .

Ashok Kumar Maurya  (12th)
I have learn so many things in three day workshop. How to improve the memory and it will increase the memory power and discipline to read & write and make some concentration on the day to day life.

Sanjay Kumar Shaw  (12th)
It was good workshop.We learn new things which can improve our day to day life. It was very good for students.

Annie Susan  (10th)
It is quite informative and was an eye-opener. It gave us an opportunity to analyse our study methods and imporve them. I am really thankful to our sir for showing us the right way.

Ayesha Bassy  (10th)
This is a very interesting workshop which has taught me a lot of new tricks and methods to increase my memory power. The mnemonics notes are quite useful and provide us with immense knowledge.

Prajakata  (8th)
Workshop is indeed very good. Hope to implement all the things in day to day life.

Sindhu K  (10th)
This workshop is very beneficial for students to improve in their studies and also to retain things memorised for a long time.

Anisha  (6th)
It is very good. I like it very much. It will help me in studies. I am very happy with the workshop.

Ramesh Kumar Singh  (Graduate)
Workshop is helpful to improve our educational knowledge and confidence. It is helpful to achieve our desired goal by following the rules of workshop.

Monika Rathore  (10th)
I like to attend this workshop very much. The ideas of memorising are very good and effective. If I get an opportunity then I will surely attend this workshop again.

Sangeeta Chaturvedi  (10th)
Workshop is nice. We got new method of learning. We can improve our memory power through this workshop.

Pushpa Singh  (12th)
I like this workshop too much because my memory was very poor but through your classes I feel trigonometry is easy subject in respective all subjects.

Shrishti Yadav  (7th)
This workshop is very useful for the students and also for the those student who are doing preparation for civil services. I can easily teach my child with fun through the techniques of this workshop.

Preeti  (6th)
The workshop is very good.

Navket Saini  (11th)
Workshop is helpful not only in studies but also in routine life. Methods are good and easy. Thanks for the workshop.

NK Joshi  (10th)
Workshop is very helpful for students. It plays a very important role to get good marks in exam. For seniors it is helpful to improve their memory power. Mind exercise is the main attracting thing.

Deepak Kumar Sharma  (8th)
Workshop was really interesting. It was very  fascinating and exciting. It gives immense pleasure by learning new techniques to learn new thing in new manner.

Joy Bassy  (6th)
This is a interesting workshop which has taught me a lot of new tricks and methods to increase my memory power. The mnemonics notes are quite and provide us with immense knowledge.

Kalpana Sagar  (7th)
Wokrshop is very useful. Keep it up the good work.

Naomi M Rose  (6th)
The workshop was very interesting.

M Asuti  (10th)
All techniques used in workshop are helpful to enhance memory. Discussion on generals topics has helped to refine day to day activities. Overall good workshop.

Meghna Asuti  (7th)
Very helpful workshop for students, boosts memory nicely.

Pawan Kumar  (Graduate)
Workshop is good & helpful to build memory as well as personality.

Ashima Bhardwaj  (11th)
Workshop was very interesting and motivating. It inculcates the unknown information in our mind. I learnt so many methods for fluent memorising.

Ashish  (10th)
Very creative and interesting workshop. Very knowledgable and  it improves concentration, attention.

Aman Bhardwaj  (7th)
The workshop is very helpful to today’s student. It clears many doubts. It helps in solving many day to day problems also.

Ananad Bhardwaj  (10th)
Workshop  is helpful for study. I like its theory method. It help us in improving concentration and boosts mind power. It is very good for all age groups.

Devansh  (7th)
Its very good to participate in the workshop. It will improve my performance in exams and classes.

Ashish Kumar Sahu  (10th)
I attended the workshop for the first time. It was really effective as well as motivation type of workshop.Thanks to Sir Krishan Chahal.

Rupali Rawat  (11th)
Workshop is useful & motivating.  It gives exposure and awareness about memory ,mind power etc.

Bipin Kumar Singh  (10th)
Very good experience. After attending this workshop I can utilize my memory in a better way and improve it. It can help me in improving study.

Sudhir Singh  (10th)
Its very good and must for every student and studying personal. It can change anybody’s life he use these techniques.

Jaspal Singh Sandhu  (11th)
Excellent thought provoking workshop and add new dimension in learning and teaching. Methodologies has been explained by this workshop

Unroop Kaur  (9th)
It is a fantastic workshop, there is no match for this workshop. Now it is easy to learn 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, History, mathematics. People should enjoy this workshop. It saves time and helps to study well.

Krishana Kumar Singh  (12th)
It is nice and interesting workshop to increase your memory and to know weakness of our mind to control our mind to only one direction. I think it is a best workshop that I have attend in my life.

Kalpana  (12th)
Its very nice workshop. It really helps me in improving my learning skills. I will be able to memorise more & more things in a very short time. It created more positivity in my mind. Now, I am more confident & more energetic.

Chhavi Kumari  (7th)
My opinion about the workshop is that it is very amazing. It is very useful for our daily life. As I have implemented all these methods, while studying I felt very interesting, easy as well as comfortable.

Shruti  (6th)
Very useful for learning big answer and memorising things in a fast way.Thanks to Sir Krishan Chahal.

Shashikant Singh  (11th)
This workshop is very useful to increase the memory power.

Vijay Singh  (7th)
The workshop was nice and learner can use  many ways to improve memory and good way of teaching helped in learning. I was happy with workshop.

Aman Prasad  (11th)
Krishan Chahal is a great personality. He is very educated and knowledgeable in his field. His ways of memorising things are very useful especially for students.

Samarth Bhardwaj  (7th)
The workshop was nice as we learnt new methods of memorising like. SMS, Rhyme method Bollywood method etc. I am quite happy with the workshop.

Mayank Jha  (10th)
Interesting, creative and informative workshop. The teachers are very good and very helpful. Now I can use the creative ideas and learn anything easily.

Rajesh Kumar Ray  (11th)
This workshop is very useful to memorise the all things in different ways. It is very time saving element for preparing for educational qualification as well as for competitive exam also.

Aruntka Ray  (10th)
Workshop is useful and I can learn many things from workshop. I try to use the techniques  in my life for a better life.

Asmita Sharma  (10th)
A very nice experience after attending this workshop. A positive feeling after joining the workshop. Topics were clearly explained and methods were very effective.

Vartika  (11th)
The methods and tricks are for memorising anything and  are very useful in our daily life. Thanks for the workshop.

Aakash Kumar  (9th)
I think it is very good workshop for students as well as for parents. It helps us for learning different things in such a simple method.

Deepshikha  (12th)
It is a very nice & very helpful workshop. Specially I like the way of the speech delivered by Mr. krishan Chahal. The methods suggested by him are very useful & effective.

Alpna Singh  (12th)
It was really a good workshop to attend. I felt many methods discussed in the workshop familiar but did not really knew how they actually work or how effective they are. These methods give many useful information and I believe they would really help me out in my future studies.

Amit Kumar Singh  (10th)
A very useful and productive learning workshop to enhance future learning process by a very effective methods and applications.

Surbhi Gurjar  (Graduate)
I felt really helpful & positive after attending this workshop. The most amazing thing is that I have started taking things more positively which of course is going to help at list in my future & career.Apart from seeing in me a genius & yes, I can do anything and i want to become like Mr. Krishan chahal.

Mohita  (Graduate)
All these methods taught in workshop are very effective and helpful in learning the things. When I join this workshop I really do not know how to improve the memory power of my brain. Lots of exercise which are told by sir are real benefits for our health and brain system.

Mukul Chaudhary  (12th)
Benefits through this workshop are I have feel a great change in me, my confidence level has increased, my capacity to memorise things also increase. It also motivates me towards my aim in my life and  improve my learning skills. Through this workshop I got a chance to got knowledge from such a genius person ,so thanks to Dear Krishan Chahal Sir.

Chandan  (6th)
From workshop I have learn how do our mind works, how can we remember things easily, how can we increase our memory power, how can we active our right side brain, what are the rules we have to follow to remember better.

Saloni  (6th)
Its outstanding, I found it very informative workshop. Now I am feeling more easy to do those works which I thought I would never do it and I did not read it ever. Thanks to Mr. Krishan Chahal.

Toshali Mohanty  (9th)
This workshop is really very helpful. It is worth attending this workshop. Now I can use the different methods taught to us to memorise things which are difficult for me. Very good examples are used to make us understand. I liked it a lot. I loved it. Now i’m feeling like I’ll improve in my studies.

Ranjit Roy  (10th)
This workshop is very useful for students. So I am very happy to get to know the new techniques of memorising .

Sparsh Kumar Tiwari  (7th)
I am very satisfied with this workshop because in this workshop the teaching method is so good. In this workshop we can memorise so fast.

Krishna Kumar Singh  (8th)
After attending the workshop, I feel like I can memorise anything given to me, even it is a speech of 05 pages. Now I feel very easy than before to learn. “Sir” told us many ways of learning. Either it is of math or any other subject. So I want to thanks our “Sir” to teach us this beautiful art of learning. Now, I feel that I would become a “Memory King”.

Priya Singh  (12th)
Its really very good workshop. Now its easy to understand the difficult subjects. Now we can start developing our interest in boring and difficult subjects. This workshop made our studies easy and we can clear our doubts separately.

Shivani Jha  (9th)
This workshop is really very helpful. It will really help us to improve in our studies. It gave me the idea how to improve myself in different subjects. It will really help me in my future. It is wonderful.

Swarna  (12th)
Overall it was awesome. I enjoyed a lot the coding and decoding, theories and formula will surely help me in the future. My experience within three days was quite wonderful. The ways to improve our memory regarding formulas and concentration will help me a lot. It was quite impressed.

Renu  (10th)
This workshop helped me a lot is improving my concentration and to be a positive thinker. Now I could be able to learn many such difficult topics which I used to think difficult before coming here. I have learnt a lot and is quite interesting and pleasant experience of my life. I am really thankful to you.

Santosh Kumar  (Graduate)
It helped me to improve concentration which. I earlier use to do with Pin, Candle homes which it didn’t helped me but by this workshop only. I’ am able to improve my day to day life and can works with a lot of attention in my every moments of life.

Shreya Pandey  (8th)
This workshop help me to get my confidence back. I am now feeling that I can become a doctor.

Apurva Tripathi  (8th)
It is very useful to each and every person of all ages. It is also very interesting workshop.

Sparsh  (6th)
Memory Mirchi workshop is very good for memorising. There are lots of techniques to memorise that Krishan Sir told to do and really I get great benefit from these techniques.

Sagar Malik  (6th)
I want to say that “Memory Mirchi” workshop is a good place as from the Ist day there was much improvement in my memory .If others join this workshop they will feel very comfort in their life.

Pradeep Yadav  (6th)
The workshop has great specified techniques which are very useful for the students. If you are a topper then also it has great meanings. I have learned how to memorise maps. Thanks For the workshop.

Baishali Das  (12th)
It’s overall very good workshop. Feeling very good after getting all these techniques to memorise all these theories, formulas, derivations, tables etc. It will help me a lot in future also.

Shivam Kumar  (7th)
After joining the workshop,I got help in studying and it also increase my memory and I learn how to save time and the ways of studying. It is a good way of learning. I like to have such more experiences.

Shreya Taliyan  (6th)
I think this workshop was a worth. It was an educating workshop. From the first day I had observed many changes in myself so it was a good place for me to improve my memory.

Manish Kumar  (8th)
This workshop is  very good. I like all the things in this workshop. Mr. Krishan Chahal explain all the points very smartly and he solves the questions of students quite easily.

Devraj  (8th)
Workshop is very much useful for the students. If  someone use your methods they may become the toppers of their levels. For the serious/parents like me it will help me to teach my children.

Dhruv Kashyap  (6th)
In my opinion the workshop is very good. From this we have learnt many things how to recognize more with different ideas, hour to learn fastly the things. It is good class for the students. I will also join it in next session.

Pankaj Kumar Mandal  (10th)
It was a very excellent experience by attending this workshop. There were many methods and thoughts that will definitely help me to tackle the problems that I face in future.

Pranjal Tripathi  (10th)
The workshop is very good, this is one of the best experience of my life. All the techniques for study are very good.

Vaishali Sharma  (12th)
It’s good workshop , it gave the few very good ways to memorise theories, formulas, literature. It would be very helpful for my exam preparation & in future also felt quite good. It gave me confidence so that I can quickly improve my memory. Thank you.

Shivangi Tanwar  (8th)
I think the workshop was a worth. It was educating as well as interesting. It was very enjoying and I could learn history dates very easily. It gave me a big smile.

Anjana Sharma  (10th)
Workshop was informative, interesting and was creative in approach. We were able to think more on our imagination skills as well as use of multi sensory approach to memorise fast. The ways to improve concentration, interest and attention in studies are new  and taught nicely.

Adarsh Singh Gautam  (10th)
Methods of your memory mirchi workshop are excellent. It is very helpful in improving memory. It was my pleasure to meet Mr. Krishan Chahal. It was nice to learn different methods to improve memory. Thank you for giving all this.

Mayank Singh  (10th)
Methods used in workshop are really enjoying and satisfying. It helped us to improve our memory. These methods can be used to remember different things in short time.

Ritu Nandal  (Graduate)
It’s good workshop and it is important to everyone. I think if every child got it at proper time it helps them to improve their state of learning and help them to achieve their desired aims. In short I want to say, “Workshop is a Key of Success” Thank you.

Anmol Kumar  (9th)
Workshop was excellent and we gained very much knowledge from this workshop. Thanks to Mr. Krishan Chahal.

Saradindu Nandan  (Graduate)
The workshop is conducted very sincerely and in practical way. What ever I learnt in the workshop will be very beneficial and use to prepare myself to get a job after completion of my initial engagement in IAF to guide my son for his future carrier. I am very much thankful to Mr. Krishan Chahal .

Ankit Prasad  (6th)
The workshop is very good in studies helps in improvement of memory.

Swati Kumari  (8th)
It is very interesting and it has many tricks and good ideas for learning some methods, long answers. It helped me so much to learn many theories.

Abhishek Kumar  (9th)
In my opinion  this workshop is very much entertaining. Methods,tricks are very much easy. I have no words to explain my opinion because it was very much good, easy and advanced.

Subheli  (10th)
This workshop is very helpful. It helped me in social studies mainly. It also helped me in my concentration in studies. It was a pleasant experience. Nice presentation.

Laxman Singh  (11th)
I have benefited from this workshop in various ways like I have built my confidence and planning for further study and competitive exam. This workshop is really mind blowing for kids.

Rumi Lal  (12th)
In my opinion “Wokrshop” is a gift for me & all the students. I really thankful to Mr.Krishan Chahal & their whole team. I am very glad to attend this workshop. Thank you so much what ever techniques you give it to me.

Jaha Lehra  (7th)
My opinion about the workshop is that is was very useful. Good explanation by Sir Krishan Chahal. Now I can help my sister in her work or memorising. I am really very thankful to sir, I would memorised him through out my life.

Shivam Kumar  (10th)
Methods that are shared in this workshop are very unique. Now I am able to improve my subjects & other things by implementing these methods. It is a new & advanced technique. Mr. Krishna Chahal is a very genius man & I like to join this workshop & I am satisfied by the methods taught by him.

Ajay Kumar  (9th)
My opinion is that the workshop is very good. It is because of personality like Mr. Chahal taught us various memory techniques. His style of teaching is very good. The methods tricks etc are so easy to understand & follow . In my opinion we should join the workshop.

Ankit Chauhan  (9th)
It was amazing experience to participate in workshop. I will never forget this workshop.

Prajeesh Nair  (10th)
Workshop was excellent. Through this workshop I have learnt a lot of new techniques.

Akash Rodhiya  (10th)
My opinion about the workshop is that it is excellent. By this we can memorise anything in half time. Krishan Chahal is a genius man.

Shashank Tiwari  (11th)
Workshop is very good. Mr. Chahal has entertained us and told us about many excellent methods how we can memorise anything and also for long time.

Rajiv Ranjan Kumar  (9th)
It is very useful & wonderful experience regarding memory workshop. It will help in study, memory as well as to take better sleep. It helps to improve knowledge very fast.

Shilpa Chaudhary  (12th)
It was very nice and good. We have learned a lot. The explanation was very nice and perfect. By this  workshop we really able to increase our memory.

Soumik Pati  (6th)
The workshop is very excellent. It will help me a lot in memorising my lesson and it is a very easy method for learning lesson. I hope I can make progress in my studies through this workshop.

Tirthanker Das  (7th)
Now a days I am able to fully concentrate on my studies. I am feeling to stay all the time in present. I hope this workshop helped me in studies through out my life and I am grateful to thank my sir Krishan Chahal to help and guide me in my studies.

Mansmit Kalita  (10th)
Before attending this workshop, I only dreamed of becoming an engineer. After attending and learning from the workshop. I now know that I have grown up confidence and I will succeed in life.

Abhishek Nath  (7th)
This workshop had helped me to memorize long numbers, things and many other things through their newly explored excellent method. I hope this workshop will help me learn throughout my life. I would like to thank Krishan Chahal for giving us good teaching.

Joheb Khan  (10th)
Before attending in this workshop, I only dreamed of becoming an engineer. After attending & learning from workshop I was really changed & in brief I would say that it is one of the wonderful way of learning in my life. Thankyou Sir.

Kevin Thamlankar  (6th)
I feel that workshop helps everyone to know interesting about learning. I will do my best to do my studies well.Thanks For the workshop.

Pankhi Poli Nath  (8th)
I have got many benefits from the workshop. It helps us to remember many things in the different ways. I also think that it has many usefulness in life.

Kritashi Sukanya  (12th)
It was a awesome experience and had given me great pleasure and happiness after attending this workshop. I have read many memory based books but experiencing in practical gave me much confidence.

Nidarshana Mahanta  (10th)
It was awesome workshop. I have read many books about memory techniques. But I was not able to understand the techniques properly. After I learnt the techniques here, I noticed the change in my memory from the first day itself. Moreover, the concentration methods were also really useful.

Gulapson Hembrom  (12th)
Really it was good opportunity to join this workshop. I could learn many new techniques, ideas, etc which are applicable for our daily life. I got new ideas how to study and remember things of day to day life and at the end I would like to thank memory mirchi network and sir Krishan Chahal.

Abhijit Chaudhary  (8th)
There are many benefits from workshop. Through workshop we can learn many things through which we can save the time and in workshop we enjoy a lot.

Antora Bhuyan  (6th)
It is very pleasing experience for me to join this workshop. Now start thinking the whole things in a very positive way. It increases my confidence. Now I think I can definitely do better in exams and in solving any problem that stands in my way.

Debankur Baruah  (12th)
The best thing about this workshop is that it teaches us to think. Positive, imaginative thinking everything goes with it and it mattered to me a lot.

Mariya Begum  (6th)
It was a great experience attending this workshop. The memory techniques were really useful. I liked it a lot.

Ranveer Singh  (10th)
Learnt many easy methods of memorising and gained confidence in self memory through this workshop. Concentration power increased and self belief that everything is possible if we want strongly.

Sudish Kumar  (8th)
It was difficult for me to remember history dates. Now I can remember the history dates easily by the help of techniques learnt in workshop. I can also remember long answers now very easily.

Utkal Ranjan  (8th)
I got many benefits from the workshop such as how to improve your memory,concentration. Before coming to the workshop my memory was so poor that I could not score more marks in exam. But when I came here I got powerful memory.

Aniket Singh  (11th)
I am able to improve my memory & can concentrate on my subjects . This has also improved my memorising capacity of numbers, words, theory, speeches etc. Overall. I feel thankful to Krishan Sir for teaching us so much about memory.

Sultan Singh  (10th)
After joining workshop I can memorise without any tension by easily thinking. I learned many kinds of method and I start using all methods. I am using these methods to concentrate because it is most important part in our life. It is very useful for students also.

Rajat Kumar Chauhan  (10th)

By joining the workshop, I know many things such as how to concentrate in studies.
How to memorise things quickly and easily. Now, I can memorise long numbers within few seconds. Memorising things was a very good fun and interesting through this workshop.

Yatinder Kumar Sharma  (11th)
I am very happy to attend this workshop. I increased my confidence to prove my self any where. I learn art of present living and how  to remove past & future programme from present happiness and about memory incredible changes.

Shakti Rout  (11th)
I have really experienced a very fast change in myself after attending this three days workshop.

Sanjeeb Kumar Mohanty  (11th)
Being in the crucial time of my higher studies, this memory workshop has undoubtedly enhanced my memory and self confidence. A part from it, it is also very helpful in shaping a peaceful and systematic future life. I would like to praise sir “Krishan Chahal” for sharing his valuable and precious knowledge with us.

Nehal Hussain  (8th)
I got to learn a lot in these three days workshop class. With this a big portion of my study will be in my long term memory. Future I say that I will work with this new amazing memory system and be benefited.

Shefali Bisht  (8th)
Workshop is really nice. I learnt many useful things and I also learn now to memorise easily.

Praveen  (9th)
My these 3 days with Krishan Chahal, I think that these are my best moments of my whole life as he taught us many tricks that we may have no difficulty in understanding our subjects as he has an positive attitude. I want to have such an attitude like him and want to be a successful man.

Umang Shukla  (9th)
One can improve his memory with some phonetics method. He has to a memorise not very big. One can recognize face and name by SMS method. One can improve his long term memory and short term memory  through this workshop.

Shweta Prakash  (11th)
The workshop was really beneficial as I could learn many new ways and an insight to see the things in a different way. I am also preparing for IIT-JEE, so I think that this would help me, and I promise you Sir that I would follow the proper study plan as mentioned by you.

Pragati Dixit  (10th)
Yes there are the benefits which I got from this workshop. This workshop will help me by memorising atomic no. and dates etc.  Roman room system is a very creative to memorise the long speech.

Anjali Shukla  (9th)
I hope it will improve my style of study and help me in future also. I am thankful to you Sir and feel great to attend your three days workshop. Earlier I hate history  but now I feel different to learn the long questions.

Nidhi Kumari  (9th)
Its very important for higher class students. Normally for students, there is problem of lack of concentration but through this workshop it is easy for us to control our mind. So, it is a nice 3 days workshop.

Kamakshi Tomar  (6th)
Its very beneficial in my studies specially in theory. Methods for increasing our concentration and minding our mind are very useful. They help in changing our personality too. Thanks for the workshop.

Naveen Singh Bisht  (10th)
Yes, This workshop is very beneficial to me. I understand how to concentrate, how to focus on our goal, how to live in present, study well and find logic and reason behind the question.I really appreciate this workshop and in future definitely attend this class again.

Shlok Prakash  (6th)
I felt that now I have gained a lot of confidence by attending this workshop. Now, I feel confident to go on the stage and have not stage fear. I would follow all your suggestions prescribed in the workshop.

Souvik Shankar Panda  (6th)
The workshop is very useful and beneficial for building memory techniques for me.

R Bhanu  (8th)
This was the right time to give a good push for my child and it is Memory king workshop who delivers this. Three days four hours was amazing.

Samrithi R  (6th)
Learnt the new concepts about memory through this workshop. Able to understand how the simple games like acronym, which had no value will now is useful to improve the memory. Simple technical tips for improving memory with fun in life is going to make my life more interesting.

Shubhobroto Mandal  (8th)
Being a student of 8th standard, I often had problems in remembering formulas, history dates and many such more. After attending the workshop, I found it very easy to remember many of the dates. It was also very easy for me to remember the long answers. So, thanks to memory king workshop.

Saikrishna Badrinath  (7th)
Workshop is a very useful program by this we can memorize things very easily. It’s very useful for remembering the history date by simple methods and how to study well .

Vaishanavi Badrinath  (10th)
In my opinion, there are many benefits of this workshop but I have to use it, as I am doing and enjoying these benefits. I hope I will get good marks and also I am sure that I will improve my concentration. I really liked the workshop and thanks to Mr. Krishan Chahal to make us aware of all the wonderful facts about memory.

Anupam Shandilya  (6th)
I feel this workshop was very useful. I liked all the techniques and facilities it provided. At last I would like to say that this workshop nearly changed my life.

Kusum Aggarwal  (Graduate)
It will help me teach my kids or help them for competitive exams. Of course for remembering my to do list and many more applications of this right approach. Thanks for the workshop.

Abhinav Shandilya  (10th)
I think I have learnt much more about using different memory techniques and the most important is how to control our mind and be alert and stay in present. These are the most inspiring topics that I have learnt from the workshop.

Priyanka Attri  (9th)
It’s very useful workshop to students. We can learn to control our mind and also to learn the tips for long number, long theory etc. This three days with you sir was very nice experience .

Girraj Singh  (10th)
I really benefited from this workshop as I have been motivated by Mr. Krishan Chahal. I always search this type of man who has real knowledge of man’s reality and he has given real knowledge of memory to us. So I am expecting I will definitely improve my memory shortly.

Amanpreet Singh  (7th)
The benefits from this workshop are many but some of these are first I could not learn answer but after this workshop I could learn it very easily. Mr. Krishan Chahal is very good teacher and a good person. Now I have many easier ways to learn something and I have got a lot of knowledge from this workshop.

Sujay Kumar  (9th)
It is very informative workshop and it is related to our studies and many other things and it is easy to remember tables, long numbers, square roots, cube roots, history dates, meanings and etc after attending the workshop .We can now control our mind totally in our hands.

Shaji Devasia  (10th)
This workshop is helpful in using the full potential of the brain. It helped me to have a better understanding of working of human mind and how we can control our mind.

Apoorv  (8th)
I got many benefits from the workshop such as “How to improve your Memory”. Before coming to the workshop my memory was so poor that I could not remember anything. Because of that I could not score more marks in examination but when I came here I got powerful memory. It is best workshop for boosting memory.

Bhaskar Mittal  (11th)
This workshop is very good to think and memorise the things more accurately without mistakes. There were very good methods taught by Sir Krishan Chahal at the workshop. I really thank him for the workshop.

Arshiya Simran  (10th)
I had a great time in workshop. As I was week in memory, concentration,  But now after attending workshop. It helped  to  me over come  my problems like my spelling, concentration etc. Hence it benefited me a lot.

Ashok Kumar  (12th)
Things those have been very difficult to grasp and memorise are now appear easy and funny in only two days after attending the workshop. Excellent way of presentation by Mr. Krishan Chahal .He is really an extraordinary man.

Aksh Verma  (10th)
It was very good workshop. I was not able to memorise the long answers, formulas, similarities, differentiation and trigonometry ratio. But I can easily memorise the formulas, answers and many more. Thank you sir Krishan Chahal for this workshop .

Sarita Kumari  (9th)
It’s very useful workshop for students and for everyone. We can learn important dates and numbers from this workshop. We learn many things like to control mind and many more. Thanks to the Memory King Krishan Chahal.

Rajesh Kumar Pandey  (10th)
The workshop  gives the way to think in a way that will help to memorise the things easily. This workshop will help our life to make easier. This is a valuable workshop. Thanks to Krishan Chahal for conducting the workshop.

Hema (6th)
I can remember many long paragraphs, numbers, etc. I got many methods to remember from this workshop. It is the best memory class.

Aditya Sooda  (6th)
I have found the secret of learning through this workshop. I have improved a lot and could learn faster than before. Thanks to  Mr. Krishan Chahal.

Sai Sumanth  (7th)
With the help of workshop I had got easy methods for learning tables, difficult answers etc. Before I was not able to read difficult words but after going to workshop I have improved a lot .I had got easy methods for studying.

G Anupama  (9th)
Its really very useful workshop especially in my study life. I am very sure that I will surely be a scientist. All my goals will surely to fulfill now.  This determination has kept doubling from the first day of workshop. It is very motivating workshop.

Kalyan Chand  (10th)
The workshop was amazing. “Krishan Chahal is totally awesome. The way he explains is very good. After attending this workshop I really improved my memory and the healthy tips he gave are awesome. Even the animations from memory mirchi were very good. Thanks for the workshop.

Niharika  (9th)
I learnt a lot of new things which I am sure will help me in my studies. The workshop was very interesting.Thank you Sir Krishan Chahal for the nice workshop and the memory tips.

R K Yadav  (10th)
The workshop was very informative and has given a new way of thinking to me. I hope to help my children in their studies and day to day activities through the techniques of this workshop.

Bhumika Puri  (8th)
Workshop was good and it is really beneficial for students as well as for adults to improve their mind capabilities. It provides all the skills which are helpful in developing hidden potentials. It is really useful workshop.

Sumit Bhatnagar  (11th)
Excellent workshop for personal growth and memory improvement. It was undertaken in a good manner with practical examples and interactive session. Mr. Krishan Chahal taught us throughout the long session and made it a very pleasant experience.

Chandraculum Sahoo  (10th)
The workshop was an amazing experience. It is very useful for students as it help in enhancing our memory. It can help us do well in our exams. Every student should attend this workshop.

Anuradha Dutta  (Graduate)
In seminar sir told that after the workshop we will not be the same, our way of thinking will be changed. And yes, this happened. A warm thanks to Chahal sir for giving us opportunity to learn new things, ideas. Now I can say, yes I am changed and it helped me in right way.

Pooran Lal  (10th)
Workshop was very useful to memorise the subject with accuracy and fast.

Chetna Choudhary  (8th)
The workshop was very interesting experience for me. I came to know a lot about my brain, mind, and memory, which was very helpful for me. I felt very good after attending this workshop.

Yad Ram  (10th)
This is very useful workshop I have ever attended, very special & unique one. I have learnt to organise the memory tips, techniques, methods which I was using constantly and learnt new ones about the memory.

Himanshu Yadav  (11th)
This workshop is very productive. I now feel that I can improve my grades. As earlier I had to struggle with my study but now I can do it well. Thanks for the workshop.

Sagar  (10th)
This workshop is very effective for me because I can’t learn anything specially biology but now everything is easy for me. In my life this workshop was the be a memory king.

Adarsh Jha  (6th)
This is a wonderful workshop. I like it very much and I feel very comfortable after attending the workshop. This is very helpful for us to improve our studies.

Saurabh Hooda  (Graduate)
Actually this workshop really worked for me. It will surely help me in my studies. A really great effort by Sir Krishan Chahal.

Mohit Singh  (10th)
Workshop is very good class. We can memorise easily and learn more things. Workshop has very good methods to learn easy and feel happy in the workshop. Specially the rhyme method. Thanks for the workshop.

Aishwarya  (11th)
It is was a very wonderful experience. Many new methods of learning are known which will help in studies. Many facts about brain will increase my knowledge. How to manage our studies is also known through this workshop.

Prajakata Kapse  (10th)
It was a wonderful workshop and I am sure the methods taught here will surely benefit me not only in my study but also in my day to day life.Thanks to the memory king Krishan Chahal.

Poojan  (8th)
I have got many benefits from workshop. I can now remember long numbers and my grades have improved. I can memorise maps, list of words, theory, formula etc. Thanks a lot for for the workshop.

Amish Mathur  (6th)
It’s a good workshop for students. Now students can study easily. I think that it should be one or two week long. The methods taught were easy to remember and understand. Thanks for conducting the workshop.

Shoeb Khan  (11th)
It is awesome workshop. It is very helpful for the students like me who are preparing for board & competitive exams. Sir Krishan Chahal is very friendly & frank speaking person.

Meetisha  (7th)
This workshop is really very effective for me. I am sure I’ll be able to score good marks since I’ll be able to improve my memory and retain i for a long time.

Pankaj Vashisht  (12th)
It is good workshop. This work shop is very good because Krishan Chahal give me wonderful ideas that I can’t know from my teacher and friends. So thanks to Sir Krishan Chahal.

Deepali Yadav  (12th)
The workshop was really effective. I enjoyed attending the workshop. There were many things to learn from the workshop.