The Art Of Memorising

Tired of trying to memorise book loads of information? The Art of Memorising is here to help you memorise a lot only in a little amount of time.

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Short Description

A step-by-step guide that will make learning simple and fast for you. If you can’t figure out how to learn chemical equations, historical dates, theorems, new vocabulary, mathematical tables etc. then The Art of Memorising is the holy grail for you. Also beneficial for your everyday life, you will never forget birthdays and phone numbers again. Whether you want to strengthen your memory or be able to retain things for a long time- this book will be your pathway to triumph!

Topics Covered

Curious about everything that the book has to offer? We would like you to take a sneak peak at some of the topics we have discussed.
Chapter 02 Self Meaning System

This chapter talks about the basic mechanisms of your brain and memory.

Chapter 03 Number Memorising Methods

See what all are the fundamental principles of memory and accelerated learning.

Chapter 06 Theory Memorising

Now you’re ready to apply the self meaning system on objective type information.

Chapter 07 Advance Learning Methods

Be the next ‘Memory King’ using these unique concepts of number memorisation.

Chapter 10 Mnemonics In Day To Day Life

Now you’re set and ready to memorise any kind of number!

Chapter 12 Improve Your Natural Faculties

See how you can organize your information for better understanding.

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Imagine if you could learn long theories, recall any historical date or retain the facts and figure for your upcoming presentation quickly- our book aims to turn your imagination into reality.

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This book aims at helping a diverse group of readers- from school students to college students to various examination aspirants to working professionals- we believe in celebrating our variety of readers!